this our twisted STORY
Let's face it, everyone of us has a little (or a lot) of stories that made us who we are. 
Meet Salinah - the founder of Twisted Dua, who is also the founder of Simply for Love
wef 2011. She is an avid maker, Captain of the Etsy Crafitivst SG team in Singapore and a supplement and craft junkie.  
Short version of story - an inevitable surgery lead to the creation of natural deodorant for her personal usage. That turned out to be the best deodorant she has ever used and eventually the whole family was using it. Being an entrepreneur and after much research and learning, Twisted Dua was found. The brand is much inspired by anything twisted - something that doesnt make sense. Like the walrus in 'I am a Walrus' by The Beatles. And the fact that good things come is pairs. Dua means 'two' - a pair.
Long version of below.